Political Chancery


First Counsellor
M. Terence WILLS
Tel : (+234 - 9) 460 23 03
Secretariat of the First Counsellor : 23 05

First Counsellor (in charge of ECOWAS)
Tel : (+234 -9) 460 23 07

First Counsellor (Political affairs and Communication)
Mrs Claude ABILY
Tel : (+234 -9) 460 23 54

Second Counsellor
Tel : (+234 -9) 460 23 43

The Chancery

The political chancery attend to the political issues of interest for the two countries. It is the official partner of the Nigerian authorities. Its main tasks include :

* the implementation of France’s foreign policy in Nigeria. The chancery looks after French interests and informs the Nigerian authorities on a regular basis on the French positions on the main foreign issues, while maintaining with them a close concertation ;

* the development of the Franco-Nigerian relations, through numerous bilateral contacts, including official visits, between the two countries ;

* the co-ordination of the financial and technical French aid to Nigeria, on a bilateral as well as multi-lateral basis through the European programs ;

* to provide the French government with accurate information on Nigeria’s domestic and foreign policies.

In order to complete its mission, the Chancery maintains regular contacts with a wide range of personalities, notably the Nigerian political and administrative authorities.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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