new security procedures at the entrance of the Embassy

For security reasons, the following objects are prohibited within the Embassy of France in Abuja:

-  Bags (hand bags, travelling bags, boxes, plastic bags,…);
-  Electrical equipments (telephones, electronic writing pads, laptops, radios, cameras, Mp3 players, Ipads,…);
-  Fire arms and fake;
-  Paralysing instruments such as tear gas;
-  Sharp objects (knives, scissors, cutters…);
-  Blunt instruments (different kinds of sticks…);
-  Explosive substances or inflammatory or fake such as fire works, smoke-producing devices or powder;
-  Liquids, spays, gels, pastes (drinks, perfumes, lotions, creams,…);
-  Food

Access to the Embassy and to the Consulate will be denied to anyone in possession of any of the prohibited objects.
No object will deposited with the guards.
We regret any inconvenience these conditions may cause our visitors and thank you for your understanding.

Dernière modification : 30/11/2011

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