Itinéraire Culture 2019: Jemima Angulu 1/2

Jemima Angulu, artistic director and founder of Krump Dance Studios and a participant in the 2019 Itinéraire Culture program organised by the French Ministry of Culture, spoke to us about her experience during the 11-day long program in France between the 11th and 21st of June.

What was your motivation for participating in the Itinéraire Culture program?

Art inspires me, I have always wanted to create work that would engage the public and I wanted to explore different ways to do that, I wanted to be inspired to create and think differently and understand how others produce as well as the processes involved in creating dance/ performance art that would engage the community.


What were your expectations ahead of the program?

To be inspired
To meet and make new connections
To learn ways to connect more with France with my work and journey as an artist.


Were your expectations met?

A lot of my expectations were met, meeting the other participants & knowing what they were doing really inspired me & gave me new perspective. I also have more networks from different parts of the world to build upon. I got to understand a bit better on the systems of governance and policies for artist and spaces. However, the seminar was 85% focused toward Visual arts so I did not have much engagement with dance structures and networks so I did not quite get a clear direction on how to proceed with programs that may suit me.


Did you make contacts for possible future projects?

I took time out to meet up with few networks from Institut français and I hope to gain more information about projects I could engage with.


What are your future projects? And how are you going to use what your learned in France?

  • Textures: I am still working on my piece Textures and improving on it, my goal is to go on tour with it and send it out to festivals
  • Contemporary Incubation Project: for the past 6 months I have mentoring a group of young contemporary dancers, they are all currently working on their solo pieces under the Contemporary Incubation Project by Krump Nation and we are set to have our 1st exhibition on the 10th the of August 2019 exhibiting 3 young dancers on their first contemporary solo work in a public space.
  • I am currently applying it to every thing I do, it has already affected my thought process. I am still researching, I am planning to engage more in The Public Art system and with the French Institute on more programs, However, one of my main challenges as an artist is space, space for training and space for showcasing. I was very intrigued by Les Grands Voisins and how they were able to turn an abandoned / old building to a cultural community for artists and I would like to explore that kind of arrangement in the near future, for me and the artist community in Abuja with the help of bodies and cultural institutions that are willing to work with us.

What did you find most interesting/odd about France?

I really found the deliberate structure and policies put in place for artists very interesting especially comparing it to my own experience as an artist from Nigeria.


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