Visual artist Vincent Parisot in residency in Abuja

Specialist in drawing in public spaces, the French artist Vincent Parisot took part recently in an artistic residency in Abuja. Organized through the month of November 2016 by the art gallery International Institute for Creative Development, this residency gathered four artists from South Africa, France and Nigeria.

Aside from their artistic research project, they had the opportunity to discover the huge Nigerian artistic scene and to interact with its main actors through a visit to the first edition of the Lagos contemporary art fair (Art X Lagos), to different galleries and studios, and even to the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, famous for its Arts faculty. Students enjoyed presentations and advice by the residency laureates, particularly by Vincent Parisot, whose contemporary approach is quite uncommon amongst Nigerian artists.

This residency ended with an exhibition at the IICD centre, opened by Mohammed Sulaiman representing the Arts & Culture department of the FCT. The French laureate presented an aluminium installation and several mural drawings inside and outside the gallery.

Finally, Vincent Parisot’s stay in Abuja was the occasion to create a drawing on the Institut français du Nigéria walls.

Sponsoring a French artist in the frame of this residency is part of the cultural strategy of the Embassy of France in Nigeria, which focuses, among other things, on creating networks between artists and professionals from France and Nigeria.

Vincent Parisot, visual artist based in Crete, regularly exhibits his installations in European and North American galleries.

Vincent Parisot painting on the fence at the IICD

Creation on the walls of the Institut français

- Students of Zaria University listening to the artists’ presentation

Ayo (Nigeria), Vincent (France) and Norman (SA) at Zaria University

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