The exhibition "60 solutions against climate change" in Ikeja, Lagos

Saturday, May 28, at the Hotel IBIS Ikeja on Lagos Mainland, the opening of the exhibition "60 solutions against climate change" was held in the presence of a large audience, composed for instance, of heads of environmental NGOs, as well as professionals in environment management.

Consisting of photographs from the book "Earth from Above" by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and produced by the French Development Agency and the GoodPlanet Foundation, this exhibition, organized by the cultural and cooperation network of the Embassy of France in Nigeria, is following on from the Paris Agreement of COP 21, and was shown in many countries as well as several major cities within Nigeria.

Further to the speech of the Consul General of France, Mr. Laurent Polonceaux, who reminded the audience about the importance and the urgency of the fight against climate change, and the concrete consequences of it within Nigeria, students from area schools presented to the public their own vision of how to respect the environment, and the simple actions to adopt in a city like Lagos.

Each of the students left with certificates of participation, as well as the exhibition’s book.

A musical cocktail followed the opening, during which many bonds have been formed between the participants and the representatives of the Embassy of France, and new ideas of collaboration were exchanged.

During the days that followed, many schools have visited the hotel to see the exhibition as part of school trips, to raise awareness among young students, on the importance of respecting the environment and sustainable development.

The exhibition, continuing its road, will be visible at IFRA Ibadan from June 21st.

Thank you again the AFD, GoodPlanet and IBIS Hotel Ikeja for this partnership.

The first guests

The book of the exhibition

The speech of the French general consul

The delivery of the certificates of participation

The cocktail

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