2019 Immersive Realities Focus Program in Paris and Laval

We asked Uche Anisiuba, co-founder of Quadron Studios, some questions about his experience at the Immersive realities program he took part in between the 18th and 22nd of March 2019, with the sponsorship of the French Embassy in Nigeria and the Institut français du Nigéria. Here is what he told us.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a 3D generalist, with over five years of experience creating content for the animation, game, visual effects and XR (extended reality) industry in Nigeria. A Co-Founder and CEO of Quadron Studios, I believe in finding new ways to fuse the arts with technology to create mind blowing experiences. 3D animation, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and mobile gaming are but a few ways I express my love for the arts and technology.


What was your motivation for participating in the Immersive Realities Focus program?

I had heard a lot about the XR and animation community in France. This was an opportunity for me to explore both the tech ecosystems while soaking in the sights and sounds of France.

What were your expectations ahead of the program?

Exhibitions: I anticipated exploring new products and innovative use cases for XR technology. I also expected to see new technologies and to try out new headsets.
Networking: I wanted to meet XR practitioners from all over the world with the aim of interacting with them and figuring out tested and trusted business models, international communities, workflows and ecosystems.


Were your expectations met? If yes please explain

The exhibitions at Laval Virtual met my expectations: I got to meet major players in the industry like Nvidia, Epic games and Manus VR to mention a few. It was an eye opening experience as I was exposed to new products, technologies and workflows.

The Pitch sessions: The pitch sessions were a learning opportunity for me. I got to learn more about the French VR ecosystem. A lot of amazing projects were pitched for partnerships and collaborations.

Networking: What can I say? All the delegates that attended the Focus program were really open and friendly. One week of staying together and sharing loads of experiences had us feeling like family.


Did you make contacts for possible future projects?

I also had the opportunity of meeting with the amazing people at Gobelins, whom I’ve admired for years. We talked about the possibilities of partnering to create animation training programs in Nigeria and working with their alumni on upcoming animation projects. I can go on and on about all the amazing people I networked with from the head of strategy at Magic Leap to the head of content at HTC Taiwan, the fact that I know these people on a first name basis and have their personal contacts to reach out with in case of hardware and technical difficulties is something I don’t take lightly.


What are your future projects?

Kenya Museum XR: I am currently in talks with BlackRhino of Kenya on a collaborative XR project for the Kenyan National Museum. We are currently in talks with studios all across Africa including the delegates from Kenya and Senegal to create VR/AR experiences around Africa’s ancient civilisations.

Skelebe: This is an in-house project of ours that we are very passionate about. It’s a comedy short film that we intend the scale to a feature movie, the short film would be premiering at the Real Time Film Festival in June.

What did you find interesting about France?

Hospitality, Culture and Tourism: Exploring the tastes, sights and sounds of Paris and Laval gave me an appreciation for France and its cultural heritage. From good food, wine and fancy dining to eating at roadside spots, to visiting art exhibitions, historical sights and monuments, I could see how the old is preserved and thrives alongside the new.


Any more thoughts on your experience at the Focus program?

While I can’t completely articulate my experiences in texts and photos, the Focus on immersive realities programs was an amazing one. The exhibitions where insightful and inspiring, the events were well executed and the networking was productive. This initiative is bound to be a major drive for international collaborations in the XR space.


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