The French Embassy awards 4 grants to Nigerian Civil Society Organisations

The PISCCA (Innovative Projects by Civil Society and Collaborating Actors) program aims to help civil society organisations to build the capacity needed to set up local initiatives. The allocated budget will also finance micro projects in the area of development and poverty alleviation being carried out by CSO.
The 2016-2018 allocation targets projects that have a coalition and capacity building component.


In line with the current socio-political and economic context, the following sectors of intervention have been prioritized:

- Socio-economic development and professional integration of women and youths
- Human rights, citizen mobilization and inclusive participation in public debate

After receiving close to 400 applications, the Embassy chose the projects presented by the following CSOs:

The Pastoral Resolve

For its project: Improving livelihoods and strengthening of community institution for peace and security in the rural areas.
This project aims to promote revenue generating activities while also strengthening traditional systems of preventing and resolving conflicts. It also aims to encourage interchange among the stakeholders involved, whether they are civil society or institutional actors.

Spaces For Youth Development And Social Change (Spaces For Change)

For its project: Campaign Against Urban Displacement.
The objective is to inform and sensitize people and public authorities about forced expulsion from urban centres (Lagos and Owerri) as well as to build capacity in the affected communities to enable them to fight back. This capacity building is mainly carried out in the form of training and legal support for affected parties.

Sexual Offences Awareness And Victims Rehabilitation Initiative

For its project: Youth Advocates Project against Child Sexual Abuses.
Its goal is to fight sexual violence against children through a series of activities carried out in conjunction with many stakeholders from civil society and public office. Also within the framework of this project, the association established a partnership with the National Youth Service Corps, a governmental organisation which aims to involve young graduates of higher institutions in national development by placing them in an organization or school in a State different from their home State or State of origin for the period of one year.

Election Monitor

For its project: Strengthening citizen’s participation in Nigeria’s three remaining Governorship elections before the 2019 General elections.
This project aims to strengthen popular participation in the electoral process with the aid of training activities in election observation, advocacy and sensitization, all within the framework of 3 remaining state governorship elections.


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