Screening of Nowhere to run in PEFTI, Lagos, Isolo, Mainland.

Tuesday June 7, following the Paris Agreement at COP 21 and its actions of awareness about climate change, the French Institute of Nigeria organized in PEFTI, one of the largest film schools in Lagos, the screening of the film “Nowhere to run”.

This documentary, produced by the Yar-Adua foundation, alert on the concrete consequences of climate change in Nigeria, and evokes the many problems that are already existing in Nigeria (desertification, soil pollution, rising of sea levels, coastal erosion), but also its tragic consequences on the lives of Nigerians.

The audience of about 100 people, composed in large part of cinema students and environmental professionals, has largely enjoyed the documentary and has demonstrated the importance of the wide dissemination of these issues to the general public.

The documentary was followed by a debate in the presence of Amara Nwanpka, head of the Yar-Adua Foundation, and Dan McCain, director of the film, both having traveled especially for the occasion. As often in Nigeria, this debate has been enthusiastic and full of speaking, including a double dimension very special: fight against climate change and technic of documentaries direction.

JPEG Part of the audience

JPEG The debate

JPEG The debate

JPEG Amara Nwankpa, director of the Foundation, and Dan McCain, Director of the film

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