Panel discussion on the Rights of the Child

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Human Rights, the Embassy of France organized a panel discussion on the Rights of the Child in Nigeria and has participated in the march for Human Rights held in downtown Abuja.

- Panel discussion at the French Institute of Nigeria (IFN) on the Rights of the Child


December 9, 2013, a panel discussion on the Rights of the Child in Nigeria was attended by nearly 150 people in the courtyard of the French Institute in Abuja. The public event, attended by many civil societies consisted mainly of professionals: representatives of NGOs and specialized agencies on the rights of the child, the child welfare, education and human rights.


The discussion covered by the press and moderated by a young Nigerian lawyer, took place in two stages: a first part devoted to presentations of four speakers (Mrs. Yahcit DALA, specialist of children’s rights to the National Commission for human Rights, Mrs. Maryam Uwais, a lawyer, Mrs. Ifeoma CHARLES MONWUBA, Deputy Director of the NGO ActionAid and Mr. Samuel Momanyi, deputy representative of UNICEF in Nigeria) before a session of questions and answers with the public.


A reception was then given in the gardens of the IFN and allowed the public and professionals to continue discussions and to exchange experiences on the subject.

Read the speech of the Ambassador of France, Jacques CHAMPAGNE de LABRIOLLE :

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Read the presentations of conference participants :

Presentation of Maryam Uwais :

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Presentation of Samuel ­Momanyi :

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Presentation of Yahcit Dala :

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- March for Human Rights (Human Rights Walk)

The next day, the Ambassador of France participated, along with several of his Western colleagues, in a walk for the rights held in the city of Abuja. The marchers wore tshirts flocked with the logo of the National Commission for Human Rights (NHRC) and which included the phrase "Know your rights, Live your rights", winner slogan of the youth competition organized for the occasion.


A ceremony followed at the National Merit House during which several artistic personalities (singers, actors, and figures of the film industry Nollywood) were appointed ambassadors of human rights by the NHRC.

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