HE M. Jean-Michel DUMOND was in Lagos on Saturday, April 26, 2008, to welcome the French Navy ship at the Nigerian Port Authority/Apapa facilities.

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From left to right : Loic BARREAU, Consul, ERwan de GOUVELLO, Consul General, Jean-Michel DUMOND, Ambassador, with Nigerian Navy officers
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Lieutenant commander Vincent SEBASTIEN in the middle
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On a tour of the ship...

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Ambassador Jean-Michel DUMOND, Lieutenant Commander Vincent SEBASTIEN, Consul General Erwan de GOUVELLO
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the Ambassador, the Commander and Colonel Jose FERNANDES, the Embassy’s Defence Attache
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During the traditional cocktail on board, the Ambassador answers questions from Oladimeji DEBO from The Guardian newspaper
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During the 4-day stay in Lagos, "AVISO NAVY LIEUTENANT LE HENAFF" will have attended to a lot of visitors, including journalists like here with the Commander of the ship...

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The Ambassador receives the plaque of "AVISO NAVY LIEUTENANT LE HENAFF" from the hands of Lieutenant Commander SEBASTIEN

Among other projects during their 4-day stay in Lagos(interaction with the Nigerian Navy, physical activities and tourism), the crew have decided to give a hand to the Makoko community and in particular to one of the local schools...

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In Makoko village...
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On their way to assess the needs...
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A very warm welcome from the village leaders...
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...and from the population
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The French Ambassador with the Director of the school

For more info on Lieutenant Commander SEBASTIEN and the ship, please, click here.

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