New horizons, new worlds : a week of concerts and musical exchanges.

The second part of the program “new Horizons Africa”, which is called “New Horizons, New Worlds” took place in Lagos from 21st to 27th of April.

Were scheduled for this unique and original musical week : concerts, workshops, master classes, screening and discussion, with the presence of musicians from Nigeria, France, and South America.

Created by Tunde Jegede, artistic director of the MUSON (Musical Society of Nigeria) and kora virtuoso (the African harp), New Horizons enables the creative meeting of international musicians and their musical traditions, and give to the students of the MUSON music school the opportunity of taking advantage of particular courses with those music professionals.

The Friday and Saturday evening, Diana Baroni, singer and flutist, Simon Drappier, double-bass, Raphael Guel, guitar, gave some concerts to the jazz Hole and the Agip Recital Hall of MUSON, accompanied with Ranti Ihimoyan, soprano, Wura Samban, drummer/percussions, Olaiwola, singer, MUSON Ensemble, Sakara musicians and tunde Jegede with his kora. The numerous audiences saluted the concert with a standing ovation.

The Sunday was dedicated for the screening of “Soy Cuba”, from Mikhaïl Kalatozov, into the Nigerian Film Corporation, followed by a animated debate about the travels af the music between Africa and Latina America.

Finally, workshops and master-classes have been organized the followings days, for the students of the MUSON music school. Those one, very enthusiastic and implied, have had the opportunity to improve their technics and musical feeling with the help and courses of the invited artists.

The Embassy of France and the Institut français du Nigeria are very happy of being partners of this ambitious and original project, and of strengthening their relation with MUSON and Tunde Jegede.

Special thanks to Air france also, whom sponsorship for this cultural manifestation was particularly appreciated and useful.

New Horizons Africa

Photos copyright : Sunara Begun

Dernière modification : 17/05/2016

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