Last tribute to Sir Okoya-Thomas (1935 - 2015)

Three months ago, Sir Alexander Molade Okoya Thomas passed away, a great friend of France in Nigeria, a great partner for French companies, Chairman of CFAO and Bolloré for Nigeria, and a patron of culture with the Alliance Française, of which he was the president, sports including tennis.

The Consulate General and the French community in Lagos offer you to read the tribute message to the deceased, which was handed over to his family and read during funeral ceremonies.


Chief Okoya-Thomas

A tribute

Chief Okoya-Thomas has been for the past half century or more a stalwart pillar of the Franco-Nigerian relations, in the economic field as well as in the cultural field.
He joined the Compagnie française de l’Afrique occidentale (CFAO) at the beginning of his career and has always remained a strong supporter of its commercial activities in Nigeria. He chaired the Board of Bolloré Africa Logistics as well, a French company that plays a leading role in the operations of Lagos Harbour, among other things.
Above that, Chief Okoya-Thomas was the Chairman of the Lagos Alliance française, a subsidiary of the entity that develops the teaching of the French language and culture in the whole world.
Without the actions of Chief Okoya-Thomas and his tireless endeavours, the relations between France and Nigeria would not be what they are today.
France will always remember him for his prominent role in fostering the friendship and the mutually beneficial relationship of our two countries and people.
Son influence a été si profonde qu’elle lui survivra longtemps. C’est là une marque des grands hommes.

In memoriam

the Ambassador on mission to the Consulate General of France in Lagos, Marcel Escure, reading the message of tribute to the deceased

left to right, Marcel Escure, Ambassador on mission to the Consulate General of France in Lagos, Francis Widmer, of the Economic mission, and CFAO representatives

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