Journalists training about climate change issues and Paris agreement

Thursday, June 16, at the Hotel Ibis Ikeja, Aurélien Sennacherib, Attaché for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs for the Embassy of France in Nigeria, participated in a journalists training, on the Paris Agreement / COP 21 and the climate change issues in Nigeria.

Initiated by HEDA Resource Centre, a Nigerian environmental NGO, also present in Paris during the signing of the COP 21 agreement, this training day was about enabling journalists to understand better the issues of climate change, and to think about how to address the public on these issues.

Prof. Emmanuel Oladipo of the University of Lagos, and Michael Simire, Environmental Consultant, were also part of the trainers.

The 20 journalists, working for various media (TV channel, radio, newspapers, and websites) have enjoyed this dynamic and original day. Climate change is indeed not sufficiently relayed in the media in Nigeria, although the country is already suffering from its effects.

This training precisely aimed to provide solutions to the information stakeholders, to raise awareness, through them, of a greater number of people in this important and urgent issue for all, and to mobilize them.

Thank you to Heda Resource Center for organizing this meaningful day for all participants.

The Attaché and HEDA’ staff

Group picture with some of the journalists

Dernière modification : 03/07/2016

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