French humanitarian assistance in the North-East, 28.04.2017

France supports the fight against malnutrition in the North-East of Nigeria by funding ALIMA’s activities in Maiduguri.

Following a first support for a food security program of the NGO Première Urgence International in Borno State, the Embassy of France has signed on April 28, 2017 an agreement with the NGO ALIMA with a 300.000 euros funding for their nutritional activities in Maiduguri.

This program of 650.000 euros, co-founded by France, UNICEF and OFDA, aims at reducing malnutrition for children under 5 and training personnel from the Maiduguri Teaching Hospital.

Starting in May 2017, this program will target 1200 children and their mothers. 50 health workers will be trained in the management of acute and severe malnutrition.

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Karl Nawezi, Head of Mission for the NGO ALIMA, and Terence Wills, Chargé d’Affaires a.i - Embassy of France, Abuja, April 28, 2017

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