French language training for police officers involved in UN Peacekeeping Operations

On November 29, 2013 the Headquarters of the Nigerian Police hosted a ceremony of certificates of completion of training in French followed by officers of the Peacekeeping Special Service.

40 police officers of this unit, ranging from police officers to police commissioners followed for 6 months a training in French language (oral and written), organized with the support of the Security Service of the Embassy of France (gift of teaching materials and computer).

Roger Balima, Interior Security Service of the Embassy of France, and Director Aderanti, Special Peacekeeping Service - JPEG

Handing over of the French Language Training Certificate by the representative of the Ambassador of France - JPEG

The main objective of this operation was to train police officers in French language to enable them to be more independent and effective in international missions of peacekeeping, especially in French speaking countries, the main recipients of United Nations peacekeeping operations.

On behalf of the Ambassador of France, Mr Balima offers some teaching materials to the Special Peacekeeping Service - JPEG

The participants to the ceremony - JPEG

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