Lecture by Pr. Bertrand Badie - Lagos, June 19, 2017

On Monday June 19, 2017, Pr. Bertrand Badie, professor at Sciences-Po Paris, gave a lecture to some 50 diplomats, high level civil servants (including the Minister of Information of Lagos State), journalists, professors and top managers in Lagos.

The lecture, organized at the Lacour Hotel, was entitled Humiliation, or the sovereignty in the international relations. Very interesting and historically well documented, the lecture was followed by many questions.

A cocktail organised after the event allowed for further discussions.

Bertrand Badie had also the opportunity to talk about the specific characteristics of Lagos City/State and, more generally, about Nigeria and the country’s main issues.

After this conference, Bertrand Badie went to Abuja and Jos.

Thank you to Pr. Badie for coming to Nigeria and sharing with us his vision of the complexity of the current international relations.


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Professor Badie during the lecture

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