Conference Post-COP 21 at IFRA, university of Ibadan

First IFRA-Nigeria « post COP21 » conference “Waste in the City: Social Sciences Perspectives from Lagos and Ibadan” held on Wednesday 23rd March in Draper’s Hall, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan

On Wednesday 23rd March 2016, IFRA Nigeria organised its first “post COP21” conference, entitled “Waste in the City: Social Sciences Perspectives in Lagos and Ibadan”. Hosted by Dr Olayoku, IFRA fellow and adjunct at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, the conference took place in Draper’s Hall, within the Institute of African Studies.

The conference gathered numerous students and researchers from IPS, CMS, GST, African Music, CBAAC, and the departments of Sociology, Anthropology and Geography, such as Dr Adelekan, Senior Lecturer at the Geography Department.

Dr Guitard, social anthropologist and researcher at IFRA Nigeria, opened the conference by a brief state of the art about “The Social Sciences of Garbage”.

Then Côme Salvaire, master’s student at the Sciences Po Paris Urban School, under the supervision of Prof. Fourchard, presented a communication entitled “Points of Intersection between Technical Systems and Political Networks: The Formalisation of Waste Management in Lagos”, resulting from field research he conducted in February and March in Lagos.

He was followed by Adegboyega Adebayo, Phd Student at the Department of History and Strategic Studies, at UniLag, who presented a communication entitled “Urban Waste Management: the Case of Lagos”.

The conference ended with the screening of Ady Gasy, by Lova Nantenaina (2014), a documentary about everyday recycling practices in Madagascar, with the great help of the Thursday Film Series movie club. The film has been greatly appreciated by the audience.

Dr. Olayoku, introducing the conference, then from left to right, Dr. Guitard (IFRA Nigeria), Côme Salvaire (SciencesPo Paris Urban School) and Adebayo Adegboyega (Department of History and Strategic Studies, UniLag)
Dr Guitard (IFRA Nigeria) presenting a brief state-the-art of the “Social Sciences of Garbage”
Côme Salvaire presenting the results of his last research fieldwork in Lagos
Adegboyega Adebayo presenting his research about the history of waste management in Lagos
screening of Ady Gasy, by Lova Nantenaina (2014)

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