Conference Post-COP 21 at IFRA, university of Ibadan

Next Wednesday 23rd March, will stand the IFRA first "Post COP 21" conference.
"Waste in the City : Social Sciences Perspectives from Lagos and Ibadan"
Meet at 2pm sharp in Draper’s Hall.

Dr. Guitard will present an introduction about "The Social Sciences of Garbage", then Côme Salvaire (SciencesPo Paris, Urban school) and Adegboyega Adebayo (UniLag, History Department) will present the results of their fieldwork research in political science and history about waste management in Lagos and Ibadan.
Ady Gasy, a documentary by Lova Antenaina about recycling in Madagascar, in collaboration with the Thursday Film Series, will be screened at last.


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Dernière modification : 24/03/2016

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