To a question from a journalist during the daily press briefing held at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in Paris, on Monday, November 26, 2007, the spokeswoman answered as follows


Q - The Nigerian Senate recently asked President Umaru Yar’Adua to halt the transfer of sovereignty over Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon in accordance with an ICJ ruling. Are you worried that you’re back at square one after the Senate decision which was, I would remind you, preceded by
the death of about 20 Cameroonian soldiers?

The issue of sovereignty over Bakassi was decided by an International Court of Justice ruling on October 10, 2002. We welcomed Nigeria’s acceptance of the ICJ decision which was based on the June 12, 2006 Green
Tree accord.

We invite the signatories to comply with their international commitments and encourage the Cameroonian and Nigerian authorities to pursue the work begun in the Nigeria-Cameroon joint commission and the Bakassi accord
follow-up committee.

Dernière modification : 27/11/2007

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