African Forum – 100 innovations for sustainable development

France is organising the “African Forum – 100 innovations for sustainable development” that will gather, during the Elysée Summit For Peace and Security in Africa, African innovators who contribute to sustainable development, African entrepreneurship and inclusive growth, and help satisfy the basic needs of populations while offering solutions to social and environmental crises.

To this end, the Forum brings together the most outstanding financial, technical, technological, social, cultural and environmental innovations that serve enterprise, society and the individual, that reinforce the community and reduce the exclusion of the most vulnerable - notably women exclusion - and that lend themselves to a rapid dissemination.

You are an African citizen : a business representative, an NGO, a locally elected representative or an innovation developer? You can submit your innovation to the selection committee of the African Forum – 100 innovations for a sustainable development until october, 15th 2013.

Candidates are required to meet the following criterias in order to apply:
- to be a citizen of a Sub-Saharan country;
- to be resident in Africa;
- to have developed and implemented an innovation (social, ecological, technological, financial, economic, etc) that meets sustainable development objectives;
- to present an innovation that has already been implemented or tried out (at least on a local scale).

Key dates:
- 15.10.2013: Deadline for the submission of applications;
- 05.12.2013: Presentation of projects at the African Forum.

All required information and documents for the online application are available here:


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