ALMAJIR Residency: a Franco-Nigerian artistic collaboration

Early in the month of June, the French film director, Simon Rouby, joined Native Maqari a Nigerian draughtsman / curator and Qudus Onikeku, a Nigerian choreographer, for a month-long collaboration in Nigeria to create a joint performance. As they travelled across Lagos, Abeokuta, Abuja, Kaduna, Zaria and Kano, the ALMAJIR team quickly met the local actors of the Nigerian art scene, gaining inspiration for their joint work.

On the 1st of July at Lagos Glover Memorial Hall, the artists presented their work of the month, with a multidisciplinary performance combining contemporary dance, video projections, sound recordings, theatrical staging and live music. Unique images of the Zaria and Kano Dubar Festival were also presented.

This artistic residency also allowed them to work on shooting aquatic images for a monumental projection at the Villa Méditerranée next October in Marseille (Viva Villa 18 Festival). In addition, the team was able to conduct working sessions on the script of the short film "Gambu, the griot of thieves" from Sokoto, allowing them to send a first version to the production company "Miyu productions" which confirmed its involvement in 2019.

The subsequent work sessions will take place in Normandy in August, in Denmark in September and in Marseille in October with a return to Nigeria for Dance Gathering scheduled for February 2019.



Dernière modification : 13/07/2018

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